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Welcome to my editing services website.


My name is Lea Schizas, a multi-published and award-winning author and editor.

My commitment is to help you tighten your manuscript before it's submitted to agents or publishers.

I stick with your manuscript until we are both satisfied of the conclusion.

Want to get published?

Then two sets of eyes are better than one!

Do you have a book,  or short story (children's or adult's) that requires editing?  

Then you're in luck.

I am a passionate and diligent writer and editor. I offer you quality service at competitive rates.

We'll work together until we both agree the manuscript is ready to go out to publishers.

Some of the areas I focus on are:

 1. Plot holes
   2. Wordiness
     3. Consistency
4. Dialogue
             5. Characterization
         6. Head hopping

and more!

Many writers are too attached to their work to see missing elements within their manuscript.

That is why a professional editor is a wise choice.

A good editor will help you develop your characters, enhance your dialogue, and structure your story in order to grab your reader's attention.


For more information, send me an email to:
with your query and approximate word count and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Please place EDITING on the subject heading.
Here are just some of my online sites and presence:
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"I collaborated on a paranormal, almost Lovecraftian romance novel with a dear friend and fellow author Paige Tate/Jade Rivers for a well know e-publisher Loose Id LLC entitled:  The Collector 8: The Onyx Palace.  Lea Schizas edited this book for us.

She did a conscientious and thorough job of editing, coaching and coaxing our work through all its metamorphises and every stage of the editing, line edit and hold hands/kick tail process that every editor understands to make a writer give his/her best.

I would recommend Lea Schizas to anyone out there and hope to use her services again someday myself."

Chuck Davis
writing under Diane Charles Linford and Jefferson Dane
Dagon's Octangle coming this March
Babes In Toyland Anthology
The Sacred Glade

The Collector 8: The Onyx Palace


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